Concluded Summer 2013

(UNT RET Site: NSF Grant #1132585)
Engineering a Better Tomorrow.

The 2013-2014 program includes 17 teachers from seven ISDs and one student intern. See participants 2013-2014 link. We organized the summer research into six research projects. These are in stream ecology monitoring, aquaponics automatic control, geolocation for rocket recovery, indoor air quality monitoring, wildlife monitoring, and robotics. See projects 2013-2014 link.

Teachers worked in teams and presented their research twice, once as a midterm progress report and at a formal closing ceremony. The final presentation included a team oral presentation, a written report, a poster, and a demonstration.

Besides engaging in research, teachers participated in other activities that include: 1) Developed a lesson plan that will be implemented during the school year assisted by the project team and submitted to the Teach Engineering web site. The lessons are in mathematics or science identifying foundations applicable to the research experience. 2) Planned and prepared lessons for the Family Fun Tech Fest ("Engineering a better tomorrow") that will be conducted at UNT in the Fall 2013.