Environmental Conditions Online for the DFW MetroPLEX
(Denton- Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas): 1998 Metro Grant Recipient

This project will inform citizens of the current, historical, and near-term forecasts of environmental conditions to which they are exposed, including water, land, sun and air. The data will be communicated as past, current and predicted conditions. We also developing curriculum and workshops for teachers on utilizing this information in local classrooms.

Proposal Abstract.

As of the year 2001, Americans in the largest metro areas in the country have an easy way to answer questions like:

  • "What is the ozone level in my city this morning?"
  • "What is the water quality at my beach today?"
  • "How high is the ultra violet radiation in my metropolitan area today?"
  • "What is the level of contamination in the groundwater at the hazardous waste site in my community"?
This information will be available on a pilot scale to Americans in 86 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country through a new Program called Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT). EMPACT will bring to people up-to-date environmental information they can understand and use in their day-to-day decision making about their health and the environment.

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