Air Quality

Although ozone is important in the upper atmosphere, at ground level excess ozone is a major constituent of air pollution. High ozone levels can cause breathing problems for people, especially children and those with respiratory diseases.

Ground level ozone is created when nitrogen oxides combine with volatile organic compounds and react chemically under the influence of sunlight to create photochemical smog.

North Texas suffers from poor air quality due to a high level of nitrogen oxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels (mostly from on-road sources) combined with hot, dry weather in the summer.

To put it simply:
Too many cars on the road + hot, sunny weather = air pollution warning!

ECOPLEX provides links to Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission's ozone forecast information, as well as animation of the daily air contaminant plume over North Texas, color-coded to the new Air Quality Index scale.

April 19, 2019, 5:15 pm